sätt n, väg c, vis c, binda, bindebåge c, oavgjort resultat n, remi n, bilväg c, åka, åktur c, drev n, drift c, driv n, driva, driva på, drivenhet n, drivkraft c, fälttåg n, färd c, framföra, infart c, kampanj c, köra, sporra, uppfart n, valla


: rfquotek|Young

: Its two outs in the bottom of the ninth, tie score.

: the sacred ties of friendship or of duty; the ties of allegiance

*: No distance breaks the tie of blood.

*: The film ends with the colorful deaths of Nicos enemies after he thwarts their attempts to assassinate a U.S. Senator investigating ties between drug dealers and the CIA.

: Ties work to maintain structural integrity in windstorms and earthquakes.

: The FA Cup third round tie between Liverpool and Cardiff was their first meeting in the competition since 1957.

: Tie this rope in a knot for me, please.

: Tie the rope to this tree.

: Tie a knot in this rope for me, please.

: Tie him to the tree.

*: In bond of virtuous love together tied.

: Tie your shoes.

*: Not tied to rules of policy, you find / Revenge less sweet than a forgiving mind.

: They tied for third place.

: They tied the game.

: He tied me for third place.

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